Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Here I am Again

I'm in a contemplative mood today. It's probably due to the rain and the beautiful music I'm listening to from Monica's blog. I've learned so much about life and the gospel lately that I think Satan uses it to build up my pride. I realized today (once again) that while I know I'm a child of God I have plenty of reasons to be humble.

Does anyone know how in the world it's physically possible to work out, read my scriptures, make 3 nice meals, change diapers for 2 babies, get on the ground to play with and teach my kids, read the books I want to, write in my journal, meditate, keep a house clean with dishes done all in one day, day after day after day? And that doesn't include all the other stuff like visiting teaching, calling stuff, trying to go on dates with Ben, go to the temple...and then all of my goals that I'm not even doing now... Don't get me wrong- I LOVE doing all of it, but I don't know how to fit it in. I know that what I'm addressing is the age-old "being the perfect mormon mother" saga, but I REALLY WANT IT! I'm tired of mediocrity and excuses. But I'm also tired of trying so hard and never achieving it. (And when I say, "trying so hard", most of the time that means sitting exhausted just by the thought of it all).

Does anyone have any ideas?

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  1. DO. I. EVER!!!!! I consider it in our nature as women and daughters of God to want to do better. That is what we are supposed to be doing..looking for chances to improve ourselves and the lives around us. I don 't know if it will help with your dilemma, but I am I am trying to incorpaorate the instructions from Tsh Oxenreider's book "Organized Simplicity". I haven't started with any of the physical home organization parts of the book, but it feels so good as I read it, I know I am supposed to do it! There have been several times that I have just cried as I read it, knowing that it is what I need and have always tried do do, but have not known how. Is that a little wierd? Maybe, but the book helps you to declutter all the ares of your life and helps you focus on the things that matter most...relationships. She also writes a blog simplemom.net but the book is just awesome.

    I truly know what you mean, I think there are LOTS of Mom's that feel this way!!! Love you!